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Stille Havn Hus Residential Care

Stille Havn Hus – Calm Harbor House (Norwegian) – is a privately owned and operated agency with four Community Residential Setting licensed homes that support people who access BI, CAC, CADI and DD waiver services. Stille Havn Hus is located on twenty three acres of rolling, wooded land, one and a half miles from downtown Walker MN. These homes offer a tranquil, private setting overlooking acres of groomed lawn, flower and vegetable gardens, paved walking paths and natural ponds, often visited by wildlife.


Safe Enviorment

Stille Havn Hus creates a safe and welcoming environment for people who are looking for a secure and stable home with respectful and supportive staff.


Caring Staff

A skilled and supportive team are available for 24-hour on-site support as needed.



Each person at Stille Havn Hus has a private bedroom and shares a living room, kitchen, dining area and deck with three other residents.


Assisted Living Support

Our goal is to help maximize the quality of life every day for each Stille Havn Hus resident.



Stille Havn Hus provides room for socializing, individual and group activities, exercising, growing plants, gardening and game playing.


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We welcome inquiries and provide tours for prospective residents, their families and case managers.

Value for Life

Expert Care of the Elderly

Our goal is to help maximize the quality of life every day for each Stille Havn Hus resident.  A growing sense of serenity expressed by residents, improvements noted by loved ones, compliments from case managers and positive customer surveys tell us we are meeting this goal.

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Care for our residents begins with our team. If you are interested in working with us, easily apply today!

What inspires us?

Smiles are true testimonials!

Stille Havn Hus strives to enhance the quality of life of each resident by providing superior residential services within compassionate communities woven with acceptance, dignity, mutual respect, forgiveness and love.

Our Vision

Caring is a way of life...

Stille Havn Hus will be the standard whereby the quality of life for individuals with serious and persistent mental illness is measured.

  • To keep in our heart the individual’s best interest
  • To provide excellent safe service
  • To honor and value each individual
  • To create a sense of home, belonging and trust
  • Each Individual’s quality of life
  • Each Individual’s gifts and limitations
  • Each Individual’s wants and needs

Acres of land


On Site Support





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