Philosophy & History

Mission Statement
Stille Havn Hus strives to enhance the quality of life of each resident by providing superior residential services within compassionate communities woven with acceptance, dignity, mutual respect, forgiveness and love.

Vision Statement
Stille Havn Hus will be the standard whereby the quality of life for individuals with serious and persistent mental illness is measured.

Core Principles

  • To keep in our heart the individual’s best interest
  • To provide excellent safe service
  • To honor and value each individual
  • To create a sense of home, belonging and trust

Stille Havn Hus Respects and Upholds:

  • Each Individual’s quality of life
  • Each Individual’s gifts and limitations
  • Each Individual’s wants and needs


In 2004, Jim Rogen founded and built a residential community for middle aged and older individuals diagnosed with severe and persistent mental illness. Jim named the residence Stille Havn Hus – Norwegian for Calm Harbor House.

Jim’s father, a Lutheran minister, and his mother, a social worker, helped instill in Jim a sense of satisfaction in helping others. At age 17, Jim was employed as a caregiver in a neighborhood nursing home in St. Paul, MN, where he found fulfillment and enjoyment working with the elderly. At age 19, he worked at Montana State Hospital - a job that led Jim to major in psychology.

At the University of Minnesota, Jim studied psychology and sociology while employed as a psychiatric technician at Fairview Hospital in Minneapolis. Following college, his employment at Fairview continued for 20 more years.

Jim spent most of his time working with patients in secure adult units where his responsibilities included everything from admitting new patients, to building trust among them, to assisting with their total care, including keeping them safe. Jim was able to provide peace of mind for patients and their families through the turbulence of mental illness. Jim often oriented new staff and was viewed as a superb team member and calming force, as well as a maverick.

He found his work satisfying and meaningful. While some staff members burned out, Jim remained grounded in his work. It was at Fairview Hospital where Jim met his wife Ann Noland, an RN. Ann’s specialty was nursing leadership with a mental health focus. Jim Rogen and Ann Noland have two sons.

The couples’ interests and interwoven skills made for a strong team. After moving to Walker MN in 1996, they purchased a six-acre parcel and built May Creek Lodge, an assisted living residence for seniors. Through research related to May Creek, Jim learned of a shortage of housing in Walker for the developmentally disabled, leading him to his next project – the opening of Shingobee Island Lodge in May 2000.

Shingobee Island Lodge filled an acute need by providing 24-hour adult foster care for nine adults with developmental disabilities. With Shingobee up and running at capacity, Jim continued his entrepreneurial research.

After the enactment of the Olmsted Law, following a 1999 Federal Supreme Court ruling, individuals with serious and persistent mental illness were given a healthcare choice. Instead of residing in a state hospital, funds became available for residential living. On March 3, 2004, with support of the state of Minnesota, the city of Walker and Cass County, Jim and Ann were able to purchase 23 acres of land where they built Stille Havn Hus.

Stille Havn Hus provides residential care for sixteen individuals with serious and persistent mental illness.

Stille Havn Hus is comprised of a common activity and office building with four resident homes. Connected under one roof by enclosed, temperature-controlled breezeways, the homes are wheelchair friendly, with a total of sixteen single occupancy bedrooms. The warm, up-north styled décor and furnishings provide a home environment for residents formerly lodged in state institutions.

Paved walking paths wind through the landscaped grounds. Flower and vegetable gardens provide enjoyment and activities for residents. Two natural ponds with a connecting creek encourage wildlife to visit the property.

While location, private bedrooms, paved trails and groomed landscape are important, it is our philosophy and commitment to quality of living at Still Havn Hus that sets the standard of care for each resident.

The majority of residents who come to Stille Havn Hus have been disabled for decades. They are people who have not responded fully to advances in therapy and medication. Independent living in a homey setting was not possible prior to coming to Stille Havn Hus. Each resident’s comfort and stability is enhanced by living in a home where meaningful activities and emotional support are provided.

The Stille Havn Hus site lends itself to a broad variety of activities. Daily indoor activities, therapeutic gardening, wildlife observation and working at Kaffe Havn are choices available to residents. With waterfront access and boats at the Shingobee Island Lodge on Leech Lake, fishing and boating opportunities are also available.

Daily, a registered nurse is on site or on call. Psychiatric coverage is managed by an experienced Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. Sanford Clinic of Walker manages residents’ medical needs, both in the clinic and through on-site physician rounds.

Many team members at Stille Havn Hus have been with the organization for years. It is the depth and quality of this team that allows Stille Havn Hus to sustain the level of care residents and their loved ones deserve.

Stille Havn Hus opened November 2004. It was the first of its kind in Northern Minnesota. Stille Havn Hus does business with many counties across Minnesota. When caring for individuals with significant psychiatric and medical problems, behavior-requiring intervention is expected. The Stille Havn Hus team of staff members provides appropriate care during those times. As Stille Havn Hus is home for many of its residents, they often choose to live out their lives in this setting. End-of-life-care may be provided in partnership with area hospice services.

The low rate of hospitalization by residents of Stille Havn Hus has made it a cost effective option for difficult-to-place individuals. The Stille Havn Hus environment is well-received by residents and their loved ones. Most Stille Havn Hus residents gradually show improvement. Experience has shown Jim was rightresidents respond best in an environment where they are respected and admired for being brave survivors of severe mental illness.

Stille Havn Hus and Kaffe Havn are managed by Jim and Ann’s son, Alex Rogen. He joined the team as a direct caregiver and shift leader in 2008. Following Jim’s untimely death in the spring of 2013, administrative changes occurred. Ann Noland became CEO of Skogen Enterprises which oversees the operations of Stille Havn Hus, Shingobee Island Lodge, the Summit House and Kaffe Havn, along with May Creek Senior Living Campus. Alex Rogen is COO and General Manager of Skogen Enterprises.

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